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Welcome to our Co-op


Marissa Greever, Amanda Posid and Jody Davison

Co-directors of PCHE

We want you to feel encouraged and supported by our homeschool community.


Collectively we possess over 15 years of education which has lead to a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education at Huntington University, a Bachelors of Business Administration at James Madison University, and a Masters in Business Administration at Liberty University.

PCHE's team of directors feel passionate about raising children with a faith-based education where the child can be met where they are, yet challenged for greatness.  We train our teachers to be equipped to teach for all learning styles in the classroom. However, the children are not the only ones who need the support.  We believe that in order to propel our children into their best possible version, our moms need the support of each other.  We are driven to build up our moms through a culture of trust, love and support for one another. 

Our experiences include raising and educating foster/adopted children, gifted education, teaching neurodiverse children with learning challenges, and preparing students for college.  There are over 30 years combined professional experience in the public school, media and healthcare industries. We each have our own gifting in education, research, organization and outreach.


While our goal is to inspire children to be great, we also enjoy organized music classes, the great outdoors, gardening, hiking, friends, family, cooking, time at the lake boating, fishing and floating, and most importantly, precious time with Jesus.

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